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Financial Plans - by hourly rate, annual retainer or investment managment fee.

Life Insurance - independent brokerage services to help with risk management needs which include survivor income,  key person insurance, buy-sell funding, or deferred compensation/executive bonus plans, creating tax-advantaged savings for retirement income.  Design of policies to fund irrevocable life insurance trusts to pay estate taxes and keep valuable assets with your family.

Long-Term Care Insurance - plans designed to cover long-term care expenses in later years. Standard long-term care brokerage from major carriers. Ask about one time payment solutions with the ability to access cash savings if the policy is never used. Able to design corporate solutions with limited pay periods and deductible premiums.

Estate Planning - provide assistance with education on the complicated concepts related to basic and complex estate documents. Help with decision making on trustees, guardians etc., so that the document is completed in a timely fashion. We make sure assets are appropriately titled, and beneficiary forms are completed to pass assets with minimal tax burden to your heirs.

Business Succession - discussion, coaching and design of exit strategies for independent business owners.  Plans created for triggering events including death, disability, retirement.  Buy-sell agreement design for transfer of your business to the next generation or key employees.

Generational Heritage and Charitable Planning - we are trained in a process called “guided discovery” which helps parents create a method of passing family values and traditions to the next generation.  Through the design and delivery of a "Heritage Statement," families communicate what is important about their family that is separate from their financial assets. The goal is to create a family that stays connected and in communication as wealth is transferred to the next generation. This also leads to the discussion of  family charitable projects which bring family members together with a common purpose, resulting in the creation of a lasting family legacy.

Asset Allocation and Retirement Planning - includes the quantitative measure of your long-term financial goals (often the focus is on retirement). This allows us to work together to create an appropriate asset allocation model that represents your risk tolerance and time horizon. We utilize institutional money managers offered through mutual fund companies to implement your investment plan.

College Funding - projection of college costs for your children utilizing real-time university tuition and living expenses. Education on 529 College Savings Plans to manage college saving assets yourself or through our mutual fund solutions.

Corporate Retirement Plans - we work with reputable third-party administrators to design 401k, profit sharing, and defined benefit pension plans for small businesses. These services include cross-testing and other creative solutions to help business owners create tax advantage retirement savings plans for their later years and minimize current income taxes as much as possible.


We offer an additional element of planning  called The Heritage Process.

We help identify the values and principles that represent the focus of your plans. Our goal is to help you remain in business for multiple generations while sustaining strong family ties. If you are not a business owner, we help you work toward a strong family unit that remains in communication after the passing of wealth through many generations.


WHAT  LEGACY DO YOU WANT to Leave? Where is it written down?


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